About Us

It began just like an old tail anew…


During the warmer months of 2008, a group of close knit friends visited the twilight markets of Melbourne religiously. From the beach of St Kilda to the city lights of Queen Victoria, to the local gardens of the Caribbean, the one element in common was the endless talents of these free spirited artisans.


Before the season’s end, a vow was made to return the following year with a product that best represented their individuality.


Upon chance, a small gift box of special Japanese papers gave life to a childhood hobby of origami-paper-folding and marked the beginning of an amazing creative venture for both William and Carolyn. Being their own harshest critics, the duo both spent many months creating, innovating, cutting and folding, testing and trialing until after many hours of work, their passion and vision culminated in the creation of their first signature frame.


A little shy of two seasons later, Short Story began opening its first pages to offer captivating interior artworks that were both stunning and representing their unique personalities. The duo were passionate for storytelling and designs were often inspired by short stories told from generations long. It was this appreciation for story telling, coupled with the fusion of modern art and traditional eastern paper techniques that gave life to a range of giftware that could be both admired and told irrespective of time and age.


Short Story’s visions is to bring back the intimacy and personal touch that was once associated to card writing and paper alike. TO breathe life into inanimate objects and allow people to discover the stories in each product. To encourage storytelling and most importantly to generate great conversations.

Welcome to Short Story. We invite you to open your pages to inspirational giftwares and storytelling alike, and to “share the story” for the art and the spirit of Short Story.