At Short Story, we never leave our house without our trusty bags because they are so handy for storing all our necessities and valuables. This is why we love sharing with you our great variety of everyday bags to suit any and all occasions in your life!
Ducking out to the local shops? Grab your coin purse on your way out! Maybe you need something bigger because you think you’ll be buying quite a bit. Try our reusable shopping bags, or reliable travel bags made from strong cotton canvas, which are perfectly suited for this exact situation. For those lucky enough to have finished their errands, head out and enjoy the sun with one of our canvas beach bag totes. These can easily be sealed with a zip so that your belongings stay safe as you and your friends frolic in the waves. 
Whatever adventures you’re having, your bag will be right there by your side (pun intended). Pick the perfect design for you from the awesome range at Short Story. From the cutest beach totes, to versatile handbags and more, with one of these you’ll be able to store everything you need to get out there and enjoy your life.


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