Secrid Wallets

Discreet and elegant, Secrid wallets are a must-have item in a world that’s moving away from loose coins and towards paper money and bank cards. Short Story provides a select range of the best Secrid products including their Card Protector, Mini Wallet, and Slim Wallet.
The fundamental product of the Secrid line, the Secrid Card Protector is made of a robust aluminium that protects your cards from both physical damage as well as providing intangible security measures, for example preventing your cards from being read by unwanted RFID scanners. Depending on whether your cards are embossed, the Card Protector can store up to six cards - not bad for a something that is only 8mm thick!
An expanded version of the Card Protector, the Secrid Mini Wallet is another compact wallet with dedicated spaces to hold items in addition to your cards including receipts, business cards, notes and some coins. With a pressure button closure, you can be sure that your valuables will remain safe and secure in this wallet. If you’re after something even thinner, try the Secrid Slim Wallet. Though it is slimmer than the Mini Wallet, it is able to provide even more interior storage space and is the perfect functional fashion accessory that you can slip straight into your pocket.


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