Sweet & Savoury Socks

They look so much like the real thing that we’d forgive you if you mistakenly tried to take a bite out of these doughnut socks! Available in a vibrant pink strawberry topping and in an indulgent brown chocolate, both with sprinkles of course, these knee high donut socks are a work of art that you can wear. When you pull them on, they appear to be brightly coloured socks decorated with bands of vivid colour. However, when you roll them down they turn into a delicious afternoon snack! 
The entire Short Story team can’t get enough of these metamorphosing socks which is why we love how they’re one size fits all! With no defined heel, anyone can adorn their feet with a pair of these delicious donut socks, making them excellent gifts for your loved ones. Create a fun gift basket for your friends with a variety of cute and quirky items from Short Story! Our wonderful range of cat stationery is just waiting to be adopted into a home, and luckily these playful creatures definitely won’t be chewing a hole through anyone’s new favourite socks. Explore our site for more exciting items that are sure to put a smile on everyone’s face!