Origami Gifts

There’s something special about a handmade gift. Whether it’s because they’re made with love, have a story behind them, completely unique, or a combination of everything above and more, the recipient is sure to feel the forethought you placed behind the present.

It is for this reason that origami gifts are eternally popular. Crafted by experts from only the highest quality paper our origami wall hangings in both large and small sizes are an enchanting addition to any room. Explore the different designs we have available today and discover the meaning in each piece. Looking for more origami gift ideas? We also have a variety of origami bookmarks and cards that are an exquisite finishing touch to a gift.

For those who want to take the leap and fold their own masterpiece, we’ve also stocked authentic Japanese origami paper with striking patterns and beautiful gold and silver highlights. An origami present that you’ve taken the time and care to fold for yourself is the best one of all and is sure to be cherished forever.