Home Accessories

We at Short Story can never get enough of unique accessories to accentuate our home which is why we have an exciting variety of homewares just for you.

Looking for home accessories that match? Explore our range of geometric vases and pepper shakers adorned with delightful ceramic butterflies. These aquamarine and lemon yellow homewares make adorable table decorations, especially if you’re going for a cute Easter or nature theme. 
Perfect for living rooms, bathrooms and more, our ceramic flower diffusers are designed to absorb and slowly release your favourite fragrance oils. All you have to do is splash a few drops of your chosen scent onto them, then step back and enjoy the wonderful aroma. The only thing that will rival their heavenly smells are their lovely floral appearances.

Those constantly on the go know the true value of their time, and are sure to appreciate our hourglass range. With a modern geometric twist on an old-fashioned tool, these hourglasses make a thoughtful gift for your busy bee friends. We’ve got all of these wonderful home gifts available and more, so if you’re in the market for unique home decor, housewarming gifts and more, Short Story is the place to be!


Diamond Hourglass Large
On Sale RRP $29.95
Diamond Hourglass Medium
On Sale RRP $24.95
Diamond Hourglass Small
On Sale RRP $19.95