Kitchen Gadgets

If you’re after fun kitchen gadgets online you’ve come to the right place! Short Story has a great variety of practical yet entertaining products that will definitely be a hit at your next dinner party. Uncork the wine with a flourish using our multi-purpose corkscrew in the shape of a legless pirate. Once everyone’s had their fill, our bottle stopper in the shape of a bull’s head is a highly amusing way to seal off the bottle for next time.

Another item that is sure to get a laugh from your friends are our sets of themed novelty tea bags. Filled with black tea, each of these bags features a famous personality including musicians, film characters and even members of the royal family. Place them in your cup of tea to give the impression that they’re taking a nice long bath.

Want some cool kitchen gadgets that can be enjoyed by people of all ages? Check out our fridge magnets. With 201 letters, numbers and symbols in each pack, these are excellent for leaving notes for your family, reminders for yourself or even composing a profound fridge poem. Who needs cute sticky notes when you have these? Enjoy every day with a unique product from Short Story.

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