Zuny Bookends

Tired of your books always falling down but don’t want plain and boring decor? Short Story has an awesome solution for you! Keep your books upright and organised with our awesome range of Zuny bookends which are a quick and easy way of adding personality to your home.

Durable and soft, each bookend is shaped like an animal which makes them especially suitable for a child’s bookshelf. Choose your favourite one together and welcome it into your family by giving it the perfect name. Handmade from synthetic-leather, these Zuny animal bookends are built to last so they’ll be with you for a long time. What a cool gift for the kids in your life!

For those who haven’t let go of their inner child, why not get one of these buddies for your study? They’re sure to make your work fun as you can bounce ideas off them, and their enduring presence will give you reassurance even when times are hard. What’s more, these 1kg bookends can also double as adorable doorstops, loyally guarding entry to your room. If you find yourself having full conversations with your new lifelong friend, we won’t judge! 


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