Cute Earrings

Come one, come all to explore Short Story’s magnificent range of cute stud earrings! We have an endless array of the cutest objects around, miniaturised for you to wear on your ears. From heart and key lockets, to heels and dresses, breakfast-themed earrings and more, there’s a treasure trove of tiny trinkets at our store. 
Close your eyes and think of all the things in the world that you love. Are the happy memories washing over you? Good! Now open your eyes and find these items before you. Were you reminiscing about the hours you spent playing old school Tetris? Eating delicious nigiri from your favourite restaurant? Having an imaginary tea party with your dolls? We knew it! With our endless selection of cute earrings, you can now wear these memories around with you. 
As always, all of these cute earrings are made with surgical steel backings because we only want the best for you and your ears. Not only this, they also come packaged safe in adorable glass jars ready to be put on display or gifted away.
Are you enamoured by these whimsical reimaginings of everyday objects? There’s even more of this at Short Story with our exciting novelty pens! Shaped like work tools, healthy vegetables and more, these fun yet practical items are sure to be a hit with children and adults alike.


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