Origami Earrings

Wonderful and whimsical, Short Story’s origami earrings are deeply beloved by all. How many hours did you spend as a child folding new friends out of whatever paper you could land your hands on? We know we passed many lazy Sunday afternoons by crafting colourfully-patterned creatures and we still do to this day. Now, you can bring the memories of your favourite creations along with you each day with our origami stencil earrings.
Each elegant line on these geometric designs represents a paper fold on the traditional paper origami version. Why not buy a pair of these earrings and then attempt to fold the same design out of paper? Start easy with our origami crane earrings and then work your way up to a mischievous squirrel or majestic elephant! With earrings available in striking metallic gold and silver lines, as well as some that are delightfully filled in with glossy black, these earrings will improve any outfit.
Fill your life with more uniquely reimagined items from Short Story with our delicious donut socks. You can wear them like any socks with attractive bands of colour, but when rolled down, these uncannily resemble one of our favourite desserts! Find new delights around every corner here at Short Story where all our products are made with hand and heart.