Paper Bead Jewellery

Transport yourself to a time long past with paper bead jewellery from Short Story. Crafted based on traditional techniques passed down from ancient Japan, each of these beads is carefully made by hand. Five layers of exquisite Japanese papers are used to coat each bead before they are sealed on permanently. Due to this meticulous process, every bead produced is wholly unique. 
At Short Story we’ve used these charming beads to create incredibly unique earrings and paper bead necklaces and bracelets. Japanese paper jewellery make wonderful statement pieces that are sure to catch the eye and admiration of all your friends.
If you’re searching for what to get for a friend who seemingly has it all, look no further! Our paper bead jewellery makes for an unbeatable gift as no two items are the same but all of them are gorgeous and will definitely be cherished. Both our earrings and necklaces/bracelets arrive packaged in an elegant glass jar, ready for you to surprise your loved one with. If you can’t bear to part with them and want to keep them all to yourself, we understand! Explore the different bead designs we have available today and soon, one of these beauties could be yours to treasure forever.