Paper Bead Earrings

At Short Story there is nothing we love more than unique earrings and our marvellous selection of paper bead earrings are exactly that. Created using techniques inspired by ancient Japanese traditions, each of the five layers of delicate Japanese paper on each bead is carefully sealed on by hand which ensures that no two beads are exactly the same. The vivid prints on the paper shine beautifully through the coated finish, giving each earring a striking appearance.
As some of the best pieces of inspirational jewellery from Australia, these items are sure to be loved when you gift them to your friends and family. We have made sure to use surgical steel in constructing these pieces so that even people with the most sensitive ears can wear our lovely earrings without worries. When not being worn, store these earrings in the gorgeous glass jar that they come packaged in. This way, you can constantly admire them, and keep them safe and secure on your shelf.
Any outfit will be improved by the right piece of jewellery and these vibrant earrings are sure to breathe new life into even your most plain ensembles. So what are you waiting for? Explore our range of paper bead earrings today and find the perfect item to complete your look.