No room is complete without exceptional lighting and Short Story is here to make your home shine. Craft the space you’ve been dreaming of with our range of decorative lighting including candles, lantern lights and more. 
A beautiful yet practical light source, our decorative lamps encased in Japanese paper also double as an elegant work of art during the day as the vivid oriental imagery on the paper is sure to draw the eye. Whether you gift one of these beautiful lamps to a lucky friend or buy one for yourself to display on your coffee table, it will definitely be admired by all.
For a more whimsical look, try our cotton ball lights which come in all your favourite colours! We love using the multicoloured, pink and green lights for our Easter parties, and we can’t get enough of the red and green lights at Christmastime. Explore our range today and you’ll find the perfect decorations to transform your room into a fantastical wonderland.
Finally, if you love the mystical beauty of candlelight, why not explore our range of wonderfully scented candles and enrapturing glass candle lanterns? For anyone looking to light up their life, Short Story has amazing products for you.