Cotton Ball String Lights

Cotton ball string lights are the best way to turn your house into a home. These delightful orbs bring light and colour that instantly cheer up a room. Whether you dangle them around your mirror, loop them around your bedhead, or string them through your living room, cotton ball lights look charming. You can also experiment with these 3 metre-long strands to create different patterns on your wall from zany zigzags to elegantly draped lights. When they’re not lit up, they provide darling spots of colour that draw the eye, and when you plug them in and light them up, they look even more spectacular!
Our cotton ball lights are available in all your favourite colours including green and red to get into the Christmas spirit, pastel multi-colours for some soft-hued fun, versatile white which will match any decor and is perfect for all occasions, and so much more. For the ultimate fancy look, match your ball lights to your bubble earrings, also available in a variety of lovely shades. Take the time to peruse our range and get the bokeh effect in your room today with cotton ball string lights from Short Story!