Life is a rollercoaster of ups and downs and Short Story’s Happy Calendars are here to help you soar. Our cute calendars include a monthly table where you can document your days with adorable stickers. These are great for helping you keep track of your overall mood every day and they prompt you to reflect upon what events led to those feelings. Once you uncover the experiences that make you happy and the ones that cause you sadness, you can influence your life to be more positive! 

What are you most grateful for this month? Each inspirational calendar also gives you the opportunity to pinpoint the happiest moments of your life and keep a record of them. When you’re feeling down, it’s great to look back on your past joys to improve your mood. We’ve also included a guide book with each Happy Calendar with advice for how to lead a happier life.

Available in beautiful colours like cherry blossom pink, metallic bronze and more, these items also make amazing calendar gifts. Inspire your friends to live their lives to the fullest by encouraging them to really think about what makes them happy. Whether you buy a single Happy Calendar, or snag a great bargain with our 3 pack so you and your friends can reflect on and compare the best days of your month, Short Story has inspiring gifts for you.