Message In a Bottle

Everyone’s heard the stories where an unassuming person taking a stroll along the beach just happens to come across a mysterious glass bottle with a devastatingly romantic letter inside it. We’ve daydreamed about penning such a letter, finding the enigmatic missive or in our wildest fantasies, being the lucky recipient of a message in a bottle. Well Short Story is here to make your dreams come true with our unbearably cute message in a bottle gifts.

Each one of these glass bottles contains an empty paper scroll sealed with a gold ring. In addition, they are also alluringly themed around such locations as Paris, romantic roses, everlasting keys and more. All you have to do is pop out the note and pour your heart onto it before passing your custom message in a bottle on as a special gift for her or thoughtful gift for him.

Can’t bear to give it away? Why not treat it like a time capsule and write a message to your future self in one of these bottles? Wait a few years and discover how much you’ve changed during that time. No matter who you decide to write to, you can be sure that they’ll treasure your gift. These beautiful bottles are designed to be displayed and they’ll securely store your message until the right time comes.